Fastest soccer players

A player’s speed can make them stand out on the football pitch. It can be trained, but it is also something that comes naturally. This is certainly true for the fastest football players around the globe. We collected the names of the fastest players in the world which you can enjoy in this article.

Kylian Mbappe

Fastest soccer players Famous Soccer Players

Mbappe’s top speed is 22.42 mph. Paris Saint-Germain speedster helped the French giants to ball forward four Ligue 1 titles – plus a Champions League final. Nothing is more rewarding than participating in the World Championships as a player aged 18-18.

The Frenchman is known for his strong attacking skills and versatility. He’s a skilled ballplayer, creative, and can create key opportunities in every match. Mbappe’s fast and powerful gameplay is his most distinctive feature. The speed of the superstars is incredible, and it is also among the fastest players in the world.

Alphonso Davies

Fastest soccer players Famous Soccer Players

Bayern Munich’s Alfonso Davies is another footballer who is currently the fastest player in the world. Davies, who is considered the fastest Bundesliga player, showed his speed while running back during the Bayern Munich vs Arminia match. Since helping Bayern Munich win in theChampions League  2020, Davies hasn’t stopped moving. Davies is an inverted fullback, who relies on his speed to cover the left-wing. He ran back at 22,6 mph to get the ball out of danger. His incredible speed on snow-covered grass shocked football fans around the world.

Leonardo Spinazzola

Fastest soccer players Famous Soccer Players

Leonardo Spinazzola’s top speed gains 23 mph. Italy’s Euros best wingbacks’ performance was one of its most impressive. They are known for their aggressive moves on the right flank. Spinazzolo struggled initially to get involved. His form improved dramatically this summer. His Euros record for fastest top speed was a sign of his improvement. The Italian, who stands at 1.886m tall, is capable of handling all running and has a high level of speed and consistency throughout the game. The calm presence of Spinazzolas on the Left flank is critical for the Italian giants to battle their way to the top in the league.

Karim Bellarabi

Fastest soccer players Famous Soccer Players

Bellarbi has top speed of 22.88 kmh. Bayer Leverkusen fits the bill for this pace. Karim Bellarabis agility accelerations rank high – and he’s only 31 years old. Bayers’s recent success can be attributed to the versatility of German internationals. He is a typical winger and can play in almost any offensive position. Leverkusen’s remarkable speed has been evident throughout his career. However, his current highest speed is at 21.97mph. This man, who stands at 1.8m tall, knows exactly where this speed came from.

Antonio Rudiger

Fastest soccer players Famous Soccer Players

Since his departure from Roma in 2016-17, the Chelsea defender was their most important piece. His guidance helped them win their first Champions League title since 2012. His last four games have seen Chelsea concede only three goals. Rudiger has been an important player in a fast soccer team for many years. Rudiger is nearly 2.9m tall and has a speed of 22.38 mph. Rudiger’s best attribute was not only his excellent head shot but also his exceptional ball handling skills.

Erling Haaland

Fastest soccer players Famous Soccer Players

Because of his height, these Borussia Dortmund wonder children have an unusual appearance. He averaged 1.94m and reached a league record speed of 22.39mph. Haaland has never broken any record. Although his life in Manchester City was supposed to be hard, the 22-year old has done a remarkable job scoring ten goals in six games.

Haaland is the third Dortmunder to ever score three goals under 18. Haaland scored nine goals during the FIFA 2019 U20 tournament. His size and height are incredible, and his rapid speed stands out of many famous players in the world football. A particularly impressive sprint against PSG during the Champions League has gained a lot of attention in social networks.

Kyle Walker

Fastest soccer players Famous Soccer Players

Kyle Walker is a fast wingback from England and an exceptional speedster. The 32-year old has a new record speed when he attacks his right flank. His top speed is nearly 24 mph. Walker was a crucial player on the first team under Per Guardiola City. Walker can be used for both offensive and defensive situations. Since arriving at Etihad Stadium, the former Tottenham player has been a good performer. He has already played in 4 games this year, and it appears that his performance will only increase.

Patrick Bamford

Fastest soccer players Famous Soccer Players

Bamford, a 28-year-old Leeds player, helped his club climb to ninth place on the pitch. The England striker scored three goals in five matches this season. He has proven his effectiveness, but he is still in a good clinical position to maximize his goals. The tall, 1.8m goalscorer is well-known for his versatility in striking positions. Bamford is an athlete with high respect who is considered a threat to the ground as well as counter-attacks. His speed is 21.53 miles per hour.

Nathan Tella

Fastest soccer players Famous Soccer Players

Nathan Tella’s speed of 22.75 mph is amazing. Tella was a young player when he joined the club. He has gone on to be the first member in the squad over 22 seasons. His ability to run fast on the flanks made his debut appearance in Southampton in 2019. The speedy winger has been one of the most dynamic players in football. Tella, who is 22 years old, has the potential for greater speed. He is a great prospect.

Inaki Williams

Fastest soccer players Famous Soccer Players

Inaki Williams was a regular at Athletic Bilbao, and often showed his amazing speed of 24 mph to Los Leones supporters. The 27-year old played three seasons for Bilbao last year, despite not being a professional soccer player. Williams is 1.7m tall. His gym work has significantly increased his speed, strength and endurance. The Spanish defender is a fast-hitting player who can hold back defensive lines quickly. His goal for Athletic Bilbao was two times in four games this season.

Achraf Hakimi

Fastest soccer players Famous Soccer Players

Achraf Hakimi is the fastest right-back in 2022. His speed has increased significantly since he moved to Borussia Dortmund from Real Madrid. His ability to run wild in full-back has earned him moves to Inter Milan and PSG. The 23-year old is also very smart and uses his pace well to get the ball. Hakimi is a star for the future and has the potential to be a top-tier player.


Fastest soccer players Famous Soccer Players

A Brazilian winger is currently playing in Leeds United’s Premier League. Raphinha scored seven goals over ten matches, the most he achieved through speed and agility. Raphinha’s third consecutive run down the flank at 21.6 mph is his third consecutive sprint. He also reached 21.6 miles in his first season. Raphinha is an international football star who can run at top speed. The winger’s lower gravity center is closer to the ground at 1.76 feet. This allows for faster turning. His playing is more fluid because of his regular, well-paid exercise sessions.

Adama Traore

Fastest soccer players Famous Soccer Players

The speed of one of the fastest soccer player is 23 mph. Although Wolverhampton Wanderers are not a major league team, they do have an amazing player. Adama Traore was Wolves’ flanker and central player. He is best known for being an athletic, muscular man. Spain was shorter than some of the speedsters listed here but compensated by his fast acceleration and excellent ball control. Traore is now 25 years old and wants to improve his speed and skills. Traore isn’t injured, but he has the potential to deliver a world-class performance.

Marcus Rashford

Fastest soccer players Famous Soccer Players

Danilo James, winger for Manchester United, is the fastest player in his team. United’s most recent statistics show that Marcus Rashford is the fastest player in the speed rankings. At the Stamford Bridge Stadium, he recorded the highest speed of the season at 22.55 mph. Media outlets praised him for his work in fighting child hunger in 2012. However, his rapid pace on the left flank didn’t get as much attention than his right flank.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

Fastest soccer players Famous Soccer Players

Aubameyang, a dangerous attacker who played in German league football and whose speed is crucial, is an excellent player. His top speed reached 22,05 mph. Aubameyang was a prominent striker in Germany before he moved to England. Aubameyang, despite having a long career with Arsenal, is still a formidable attacker. The Gabonian international striker is known for his dazzling pace, and clinical goalkeeping skills. Aubameyang joined Arsenal during the 2018-19 season. He has scored 60 Premier League goals.

Kingsley Coman

Fastest soccer players Famous Soccer Players

Kingsley Coman, arguably a player of a high standard in soccer in 2021, is going strong since signing for the likes of Juventus and Bayern Munich. The Frenchman has a thin body that can easily pass through defenders and has also outrun most defenders at Bundesliga matches. Currently only 25-year-old Coman is likely to rise on the list. His top speed is 21.6 kmh.

Leroy Sane

Fastest soccer players Famous Soccer Players

Sane’s top speed is 22.6 mph. Since his first stint with Schalke, Sane has been a huge sensation in the Premier League. Sane was one of the few left-footers to play left-foot, and the winger has been growing in speed since his move to Bayern Munich. Sane is a brilliant runner and hopes to see more lightning strikes in the Bundesliga this season.

Mohamed Salah

Fastest soccer players Famous Soccer Players

One of the fastest players to enter MLS by 2020 Salah has become a major player for Liverpool. He showed his lightning fast speed during his initial season in England with 33 goals in the league. Since then Egypt has displayed its quickness by pacing most European defences. Liverpool Premier League team. The best speed is 21.7 mph.

Romelu Lukaku

Fastest soccer players Famous Soccer Players

Romelu Lukaku, who was playing in 2019 for Manchester United under Jose Mourinho had leaked speed test results from all Manchester United players. He was the top Belgian forward, who reached 22.5 mph. Lukaku, a 6ft 3in poacher within the box, was always used as a target-man and would win headers from set pieces and long balls. The 2019 FIFA World Cup was a prime example of Lukaku’s speed, with glimpses of it during his centre-forward role. Manchester United has relied on fast wide players like Jaden Sancho, Marcus Rashford and Mason Greenwood to do the job since he left.

Darwin Nunez

Fastest soccer players Famous Soccer Players

Although Darwin Nunez, Liverpool’s record signing, may not have had the best start in his Liverpool career but the Uruaguian striker recorded solid underlying stats.

Rumours circulated that Nunez had clocked 23.6 mph during the Premier League match against West Ham in Oct 2022. Premier League later confirmed that Nunez was still the fastest player during the 2022-23 season, but only managed 22.6 in a Premier League match against Fulham.


Who is the fastest footballer 2022?

In August 2021 Darwin Nunez tallied an astonishing 336.5km/h against Fulham at an all-time high.


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