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In the sports field female players often get overlooked and in soccer even more so, however Heather Mitts is one exception. The American striker has changed the way the sports world see’s women soccer players forever. She is one of the most famous and respected sports personalities in the world. Today she is retired and spends most of her time as a Women’s World Cup analyst for Fox Sports 1 and running her soccer camps for young girls and boys in Pennsylvania and Ohio. Her soccer camp enables youngsters to get a thorough knowledge of the game and develop strong tactical skills from a young age onwards. Post retirement Mitts is often seen coaching at her soccer camps on a regular basis. The three time Olympic gold medalist has carved out a marvelous career for herself despite going through a career ending ACL knee replacement surgery. Not only was Mitts a member of the US women’s national team, she also took part on 4 FIFA World Cups and enabled her team to get second place in one world cup.


Heather Blaine Mitts Feeley was born in 1978 in Cincinnati, Ohio and started playing soccer at a young age of 6. During her high school years she attended the St Ursula Academy where she actively played soccer and helped them win state titles during her junior and senior years. Her impressive high school record won her a soccer scholarship to the University of Florida, where she became their team Gator’s all time record holder in terms of appearances, starts and minutes played. Mitts was inducted into the University of Florida Athletic Hall of Fame as a ‘Gator Great’ in 2013, she is one of their most decorated players in the university’s history.


After graduating from University of Florida with a degree in advertising, Mitts was able to get a good start in the professional soccer league. Mitts played for many leagues including the Philadelphia Charge, Boston Breakers, Philadelphia Independence and the Atlanta Beat of the Women’s Professional Soccer league. Mitts was a strong member of the US National Women’s Soccer team competing in the 2004, 2008 and 2012 Olympic Games. She has represented the American soccer team in over 100 soccer matches. Mitts was a soccer player who was well known for not only her beautiful playing style but her looks as well. She frequently made it to the Hottest Athletes Lists and even posed to Sports Illustration Magazine in 2010. Due to her looks she also modeled side by side and had many lucrative endorsement deals from companies like Evian, Tiffany & Co., Addidas making her one of the best paid female athletes in the world.


Mitts has gone on to win three gold medals in the FIFA World Cups – the most for any female soccer player alive at the moment. She is an inspiring figure for female athletes around the world. Even before she joined the US Women’s Soccer team she had made records including during her time at the WUSA League where she had 8 assists in her name in 51 games and 3 seasons which made her an All Star.


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