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Female soccer players are a few in number, and good American female soccer players even rarer. However one name which everyone is truly well aware of is none other than America’s most magnificent enigmatic player Tobin Heath. Regarded by many as USA’s most skillful players, Heath has enjoyed an impressive 10 year stint playing soccer for her country. Perhaps the most interesting thing about Heath is that she is quite the anti-these of a female soccer player. There isn’t much known about her away from the soccer field. Unlike other female soccer players Heath refrains from bikini shoots to doing magazine covers and rarely giving interviews. Her aloofness is what sets her apart from the others – she lets her talent of playing beautiful soccer speak for itself. Currently Heath plays for the Portland Thorns FC of the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL).


Tobin Powell Heath was born in 1988 in New Jersey, USA and was named after her great grandmother. Born in a religious Catholic family, a young Tobin started playing soccer at the age of four and watching Brazilian soccer addictively. While attending high school in New Jersey, she played for the PDA Wildcats team that won the 2003 Club National Championship. While attending university at University of North Carolina she started playing soccer in her second year, she was on the UNC’s 2006 national championship team and started 22 of the 23 games she played for the Tar Heels at the left midfield spot, scoring four goals with nine assists. By the time she was a senior at UNC; she scored five goals with 10 assists for the Tar Heels and was named to the NCAA All-Tournament Team. She was also the first runner-up for the MAC Hermann Trophy which was awarded to the college soccer’s top player. Heath finished her UNC career with 19 goals and 32 assists.


Heath debuted with the American national team in 2008. She has played in two World Cups -2011, 2015 and made her third appearance in the 2016 Rio games. At the age of 20, Heath was the youngest player on the 2008 Olympic team. She played in three games off the bench as Team USA won the gold medal; in the same tournament she was named the 2009 U.S. Young Female Athlete of the Year. She is regarded as one of the most powerful strikers of the ball in the women’s game with her towering height and skillful footing. From 2016 onwards she is the captain of the American soccer team. For their heroics in the FIFA 2016 Women’s World Cup Heath, along with her team members were honoured by the then President Obama in the White House.


Heath was voted the USA’s best player in 2016. Apart from this she was PSG Best Player of the Year in 2013. She has been names US Soccer Young Female Athlete of the year twice in 2009 and 2013. She is a two time Olympic gold medalist and FIFA Women’s World Cup silver medalist and gold medalist as well.

Are Tobin Heath and Christen Press together?

As of the last update, Tobin Heath and Christen Press are both professional soccer players, but their personal relationship status has not been officially confirmed.

Who is Tobin Heath?

Tobin Heath is an American professional soccer player who has represented the U.S. Women’s National Team and played for various clubs.

Is Tobin Heath married?

As of the last update, Tobin Heath’s marital status has not been publicly disclosed.

Did Tobin Heath retire?

Tobin Heath has not announced any official retirement from professional soccer as of the last update.

What team does Tobin Heath play for?

Tobin Heath has played for several teams throughout her career. As of the last update, it’s essential to check current club rosters or recent news to determine her current team.

How old is Tobin Heath?

Tobin Heath was born on May 29, 1988, which makes her 34 years old as of 2023.

Where did Tobin Heath go to college?

Tobin Heath attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and played for their women’s soccer team.

Is Tobin Heath injured?

Tobin Heath’s injury status can vary depending on the time period in question. It’s best to consult current sports updates or official team announcements for the most recent information.

Why is Tobin Heath not on the USWNT roster?

Inclusion in the USWNT roster can be influenced by various factors, including form, fitness, and tactical decisions. Specific reasons would depend on the selection period in question.

Will Tobin Heath play in the 2023 World Cup?

Selection for the 2023 World Cup would depend on several factors closer to the tournament. It’s best to consult official USWNT announcements or relevant news sources for updated information.


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